28 pages, digital color, matte cover, 8.5 x 11

Like an all inclusive toured vacation to outer space. With your editor channeling the likes of Oprah to the underground. It’s a universal one geared towards contemporary art, writing, and music. Focusing on inspiring minds, do it yourself culture, and global awareness. The topics are vibrant, energetic, and ahead of their time. As we venture forward to unexplored galaxies we hope to hone in and find a unique voice for Movable. With a background in editorial I will be praying to the magazine gods.

We are proud to give you this copy of MOVABLE in printed format, to hold and cherish like the underground gem that it has now become. If you ever need to make room and decide to recycle this copy, please donate it or pass it along to someone worthy of it’s attention. Thank you!

CONTRIBUTORS: Steve Lurkel, Daniel Combs, Allison Pharmakis, James Wilde, Daniela Dawson, Meg Willing, Cole Timothy Callahan, Coby Hounjet, MYFAWNWY

PHOTOS: Rachel Fae Coleman, Allison Pharmakis, Daniela Dawson

MUSIC EDITORS: Coby Hounjet, Cole Timothy Callahan

SPECIAL THANKS: Ian Edward, Ava Alamshah, Miki Kozlica

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Rachel Fae Coleman

Cover Artist: James Wilde & DIrt Cobain